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Does your business need cybersecurity insurance? Cyber attacks are a common occurrence, and you are at risk if you accept payments online or store customer data. Fortunately, you can prepare for data breaches and other cyber events with a policy from Superior Insurance. Our team will assess your business risks and design a policy to cover any potential problems. There are two types of cybersecurity insurance:

Cyber Liability Insurance

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Cyber liability insurance covers your financial loss in the event of a data breach or other cyber event. For example, if a hacker breaks into your files and steals customer information, cyber liability insurance will cover your losses. Our policies include both first and third party coverage:

  • First-party coverage applies any losses you sustain directly. One example is damage to your electronic files. Another example is downtime for your business due to system outages.
  • Third-party coverage applies to any claims against you by people who have been injured by the event. For example, a customer whose identity has been compromised may sue for damages. This could mean big financial losses for your business.

As you can see, a policy that includes first and third party insurance protects you from all potential loss. If you are not sure where to begin, contact a representative from Superior Insurance to learn more about the coverage you need.

Data Breach Insurance

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Did you know that data breach and cyber liability insurance work hand in hand? Data breach insurance specifically helps cover the measures you take to deal with a data security breach. Above all, this includes data protection solutions, public relations, legal fees, liability and more. 

It is important to take quick action if you suffer a data breach. This will help to restore your business reputation and customer trust, which are essential to your long term success. For this reason, you need a policy in place to quickly restore any losses and mitigate future risk.

Still have questions? Data security is challenging and complex. Let Superior Insurance do the heavy lifting. We understand the ins and outs of cybersecurity insurance so that you don’t have to.

Why Small Businesses Need Cybersecurity Insurance

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One incident can permanently damage your business reputation and result in great financial loss. As a small business, you need the resources and support to respond quickly and effectively in the event of a cybersecurity incident. It is important to stay ahead of the game with a protection plan and policy in place so you are prepared to handle it properly. 

Superior Insurance will get the correct policy in place so that a cyber attack does not become a fatal blow to your business. Our team is ready to assess your risks and recommend a
holistic solution. 

Cybersecurity Insurance in Moorseville, NC

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Don’t be vulnerable to a cyber attack. Get your data breach and cyber liability insurance policy with Superior. We proudly offer cybersecurity insurance in the following areas:

  • Moorseville, NC
  • Statesville, NC
  • Troutman, NC
  • Amity Hill, NC
  • Bear Polar, NC
  • Mt Ulla, NC
  • Mazeppa, NC
  • Lake Norman, NC
  • Cornelius, NC
  • Sherrills Ford, NC
  • Long Island, NC
  • Eufaula, NC

Start your Cybersecurity Insurance with Superior

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Are you ready to protect your business with cyber liability and data breach insurance policy? Contact the experienced team at Superior Insurance for more information on cybersecurity. We’re ready to get you started on your way to a comprehensive plan.


Anthony Heppner Avatar
Anthony Heppner
9/06/2019 - Google

Tim and his team where amazing! Very Professional and knowledgeable. I highly recommend using Superior Insurance Mooresville.

3/24/2019 - Google

Don't except Cash. These are welcome ? !

Ryan Plowman Avatar
Ryan Plowman
2/28/2019 - Google

Tim Buri and his team provide excellent service finding the best insurance options to fit your needs. I highly recommend... read more

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